Undergraduate Programs

The structure of PMU academic programs follows the North America model that utilizes the credit hour system as measure of course weight.

Graduate Programs

All the program learning outcomes are in alignment with the national and international standards and competencies set by the NCAAA.

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Program Accreditation

The goal for our accreditation is to start a process of continuous improvement to ensure that the education provided by PMU meets and exceeds acceptable levels of quality. This process of continuous improvement evaluates our educational activities and seeks an independent judgment to confirm that we are achieving our mission and goals. PMU adopted competences, guiding principles, and strategic plans, emphasize our commitment to achieve academic and institutional quality.

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International Scholarships

PMU aim to produce citizens capable of assuming their roles in the social and economic development of Saudi Arabia.

We pride ourselves with our graduates these Saudi young men and women, who not only participate in the development of the country but have proven to pioneer their generation locally in many fields and professions at this critical stage of the development of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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PMU Libraries operations and designs are driven by the mission of the University and the needs of the students, faculty, and instructional programs. The Libraries promote undergraduate and graduate studies with the use of English, and Arabic, research materials.

PMU Libraries consist of the Main Library on the men’s campus and the women’s library on the female campus. The collections are evenly divided between the two libraries.

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College of Applied Science and Community Service

The College of Applied Science and Community Service seeks to establish and increase collaboration with local and international corporates and industries whose interests are aligned with PMU’s academic activities.

We work diligently with PMU’s administration and faculty to identify and nourish opportunities between PMU and the local and international corporates and industries to better serve and increase relationship with the community at large.

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PMU Medical School & Teaching Hospital

PMFA Scholarship Program

Prince Sultan College for the Visually Impaired

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