The Board of Trustees
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The Board of Trustees
In compliance with the regulations, the Board of Trustees represents the legal authority; it supports the university and offers guidance to it. The Board of Trustees also oversees the general management. It has the authority to build, equip and maintain university premises, to make necessary purchases, to employ and terminate services and to determine the salaries of the Rector and all university employees; it formulates rules and regulations needed to operate and run the University. The Board of Trustees also resolves all conflicts arising internally.


  • Formulates management policies.
  • Defines objectives based on the university mission.
  • Provide convenient conditions to help the Rector in prior planning to face the changes instead of only reacting to them.
  • Ensure that the university possesses the necessary resources to perform efficiently.
  • Be the communication channel between the University and other institutions (or individuals) that offer financial support to the university.
  • Appoints the Rector.
  • Works on realizing the University vision, mission and objectives, in cooperation with the Rector.
  • Complete an annual review of the Rector's performance. Annually reviews Rector’s performance.
  • Assumes organizational responsibilities, protects the university against risks, formulates needed policies and develops priorities.
  • Adopts internal policies and regulations that pertain to all the University constituents, including faculty members.
  • Determines the number of students admitted each semester in compliance with the institutional capacity.
  • Determines tuition fees and other educational expenses.
  • Adopts or Approves annual budgets.
  • Approves strategic plans.
  • Approves degree programs proposed by the university.
  • Verifies faculty qualifications and the quality of the academic programs.
  • Works to improve the image of the university in the community.
  • Connects the university with the surrounding communities.
  • Carries out periodical reviews of its own performance and that of its members.


The Board of Trustees meets at least twice in an academic year. Meetings take place with the quota of two third of the members. Resolutions are ratified become effective on the date of ratification, unless they relate to the appointment of a rector or a vice rector, or a dean or a vice dean. Resolutions pertaining to the university system or to academic affairs are transmitted to the Minister; they become effective if no objection is received from the Minister within a month a transmission. If the Minister disapproves a resolution, the Board will reconsider and, in cases where the resolution is maintained, the matter is referred to the Ministry of Higher Education.


The Board of Trustees is established with a decree from the Minister for a three-year period of time, with the following constituents:

  • The Rector.
  • Five faculty members from PMU or from other higher education institutions. These members have the minimum status of associate professors and are selected by the Minister.
  • A representative from the Ministry of Higher Education.
  • Twelve members selected by the “Educational Services Company” in the Eastern Province. These members cannot have the status of neither PMU founders nor PMU employees. At least two members in this category are, or were faculty members in a higher education institution.

The number of members in the Board of Trustees can be increased when needed, with a decree from the Minister. The Board selects one of its members as a chair, and another as a deputy chair. The Rector cannot occupy any of the two positions.

Board of Trustees 2012

HRH Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd Bin Abdul Aziz
HRH Prince Turki Bin Mohammad Bin Fahd Bin Abdul Aziz
HH Prince Abdul Aziz Bin Fahd Bin Abdullah
Dr. Mohammad Bin Abdul Aziz Al Ohali Dr. Issa Bin Hassan Al Ansari
Dr. Kahlid Bin Saleh Al Sultan Dr. Yousif Bin Mohammad Al Jindan
Mr. Abdul Rahman Bin Ali Al Jereissy Mr. Hamad Bin Abdullah Al Zamil
Engineer Mohammad Bin Hamad Al Madi Mr. Issa Bin Mohammad Al Issa
Dr. Salem Bin Ahmad Bin Mohammad Sahab Dr. Abdul Fattah Bin Suleiman Al Mashat
Dr. Mohammad Bin Abdul Aziz Al Oqaily Dr. Abdul Aziz Bin Abdullah Al Hamed
Dr. Saad Bin Abdullah Al Kilabi Engineer Khaled Abdul Aziz Al Faleh
Mr Abdul Rahman Rashed Al Rashed Sheikh Abdul Rahman Mohammad Al Rakeeb