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The University Council
In compliance with the regulations and the University Charter, and in compliance with the decisions of the Board of Trustees, the University Council shall manage the administrative, financial, educational and scientific research issues.


The University Council implements the general university policy and is entitled to:
  • Suggest the establishment, merging, closing or amendment on the names of colleges, divisions and research centers.
  • Suggest academic specializations.
  • Award degrees for the university graduates.
  • Determine the details of the Academic Calendar within the general guidelines of beginning and ending dates of the semesters, as well as the vacations dates.
  • Approve the curricula and syllabi suggested by the colleges’ councils, after approval of the Ministry.
  • Approve the internal college regulations without incurring any benefits or financial commitments.
  • Discuss the annual college reports.
  • Approve the extracurricular activities plan of the colleges.
  • Decide on the appointment and promotion of faculty members, based on the recommendations made by the Scientific Council.
  • Establish the rules regulating visiting and transferring students.
  • Deliberate on topics referred by the Chair of the Board of Trustees or by the University Rector, or any issues put forward by any member of the University Council.

The University Council is entitled to establish permanent or temporary committees that can be constituted of its own members or others to study what has been assigned to them.


The University Council is called by its Chair to meet at least once a month.


  • The University Rector- Chair.
  • University vice rectors or those in equivalent positions, the oldest of whom acts for the Rector in his absence, or when his post becomes vacant.
  • Deans of Colleges and Support Deanships.
  • Representative of the Higher Education Council.
  • Three faculty members designated by the Chair of the Board of Trustees for a period of two years, renewable upon recommendation of the University Rector and upon approval of the Board of Trustees.
  • The Council designates one of its members as a Secretary.

University Council 2015/2016

Dr. Issa H. Alansari, Rector, Chairman
Dr. Muhammed Saleh Al Mulhem, Deputy Chair VRAA Deputy Chair
Dr. Yousif M. Suleiman Dean, Faculty Affairs Convener
Dr. Jamal Nayfeh Dean, College of Engineering Member
Dr. Desmond V. Rice Director, Learning Resource Center, Professional Development Center Member
Dr. Mohammad Elgeddawy Dean, College of Sciences and Human Studies Member
Dr. Mohammad Waqar Ashraf A/Dean, Core Curriculum Member
Dr. Wolfgang Hinck Dean College of Business Administration Member
Dr. Ammar Al Hassan A/Dean, College of Com. Eng. &Com. Science Member
Dr. Yousr Gadhoum Dean, Research Development Member
Dr. Malik Saleh Dean,  Quality & Accreditation Member
Mr. Omar Elmoussa Dean, Student Affairs, Business Dev. and Com. Service Member
Mr. Ahmad Nuriddin Director, Preparation Program Member
Mr. Iyad bader Director, Enrollment & Registration Member
Dr. Jaafar Al Ghazo Faculty Representative Member
Dr. Emily Jeannine Grantham Faculty Representative Member