Centers & Labs
  • Laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art equipment facilitating experimental work for teaching, research and consultation purposes.
  • Qualified and well-trained laboratory instructors and engineers.
  • Computer Labs with data acquisition and simulation software (LabVIEW, MATLAB, PSPICE, ETAP, MultiSim, etc.).

The electrical engineering programs are supported by the following teaching and research Laboratories:

Laboratory Brochures Lab Syllabi
Electric Circuits Lab PDF EEEN2111
Electronics Lab PDF Electronics I - EEEN3421
Electronics II - EEEN3422
Digital Systems Lab PDF Digital Systems - EEEN3331
Microprocessors - EEEN4331
Communication Systems & Signal Processing Lab PDF Communication Systems - EEEN4341
Sensors and Instrumentation Lab PDF EEEN4321
Automatic Controls Lab PDF EEEN4351
Electric Machinery Lab PDF EEEN4361
Process Control Lab PDF  
Embedded Systems and Robotics Lab PDF  
Flow and Temperature Lab PDF  
LabVIEW Academy PDF  
Data Acquisition Lab PDF  
Computer Lab PDF