Message from the Chair

Welcome to the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences (DHSS)
The Department of Humanities and Social Sciences is the base foundation of the educational philosophy and curriculum Design of Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University (PMU). The department is responsible for ensuring that PMU students achieve full understanding of the fundamentals of the six competencies on which the curriculum of PMU is based. PMU, with the assistance of Texas International Educational Consortium (TIEC), designed PMU’s curriculum on the basis and integration of six competencies; Communication, Technology, Professionalism, Critical Thinking, Leadership, and Teamwork.  Also, the department is responsible for the assessment of the students’ progress and development across the six competencies through a series of assessment courses; Learning Outcome Assessment I, and II.  The department also provides students with social sciences courses to enhance their general knowledge base in today’s competitive global market. Currently the social sciences courses offered are; Introduction to Phycology, History and World Civilization, and Geography.  Also the department is responsible for providing students with instruction on fundamental religious knowledge through a series of four courses; Arabic and Islamic Studies I, II, II, and IV.

The department strives to provide the best education to PMU students, through recruitment of highly qualified faculty members, continues curriculum review and development. The department encourages faculty members to participate in international teaching and learning conferences to remain informed on best practices. The department aims to build productive citizens with social responsibility and does so through sponsoring community events, such as Humanities week, and community service projects in courses such as Learning Outcome Assessment I and II, Arabic and Islamic studies I, II, III, and IV.

The department has provided students with the latest technologies to enhance their skills and enrich their learning experiences at PMU, the department has established a multimedia lab, which contains a high end professional Camera and the latest movie editing software, also the departments computer lab is equipped with sixteen computers and up-to-date software to assist students in completing their required projects.  The department prides itself by being responsible for PMU students E-portfolios which are developed through the Learning Outcomes courses in which the student is given the opportunity to display his achievements and work through his academic years at PMU. The department has allocated two servers for students to host their E-portfolios which provide the local, regional and international community access to view.