A Message From the Chair
 A Message From The Mathematics & Natural Sciences Welcome to the Department of Mathematics & Natural Sciences Website at PMU.

With a commitment to the highest standards of teaching, the faculty in the Department of Mathematics & Natural Sciences work across a wide spectrum of mathematical and scientific fields. The department offers service courses for the benefit of the entire PMU community.

We have several areas of strength in the department, including algebra, analysis, differential equations, functional analysis, mathematical physics, numerical analysis, topology and environmental chemistry.

Another strength of the department - actually a characteristic of PMU culture - is the individual attention that our students receive from our professors. Indeed, the department’s faculty members pride themselves on having an open door, easy access policy with our students. It is our mission to provide quality Mathematics and Science instruction at all levels, to make significant contributions to the discovery, and to disseminate scientific knowledge. For students seeking additional help, the department also runs a Student Support Center.

Please peruse our departmental web pages to learn more about the courses we offer. And please do not hesitate to contact if you have any questions.

Muhammad W. Ashraf

Chair of Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University