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A Message From The Dean
Core Program, Dr.Muhammad Waqar Ashraf

What is The University Core Curriculum (UCC)?

Welcome to the University Core Curriculum (UCC) Deanship website. The UCC is a mix of courses that all students, regardless of their majors, have to take during their first 2 schooling years. The program is a set of humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, mathematics and Assessment Capstone competencies that help our students develop and grow as lifelong learners. The ultimate goal of theaca Core Curriculum Program is to empower our students with the rational thinking that enables them to consider what it is like to act and think as researchers, historians, businessmen, chemists, physicists, mathematicians and economists. 

Awareness of Students’ Expectations

We are always already aware that our students expect to be globally competent and empowered with the communication, technological and critical thinking skills that the job market needs. Therefore, integral to the UCC are the global competencies that today’s business sector requires. The Core Curriculum centralizes 6 defining competencies: Communication, Technological, Critical Thinking, Professional Development, Teamwork and Leadership which are integral to PMU courses. 

Competency-Based Approach

Our Core Curriculum program, with its competency-based approach to teaching and learning, generates globally educated graduates who can commercialize knowledge nationality and internationally in a globalized competitive era. We are proud to provide the local and regional business sector with workforce competent with disciplinary and interdisciplinary experiences.  Our dialogic, competency- based approach to teaching and learning embraces an interest in exploring different disciplines, cultures and world civilizations. As an Engineering student, for example, you will take a course in world civilization. Through the dialogic approach, you will have the opportunity to explore a different discipline and a different world view. This approach to learning provides you with the likelihood of openness to difference and a perseverance through which you can learn about what concerns the local and the global. Our Core faculty members provide PMU students with ample opportunities to explore their smartness. Our Core students develop activities and projects that demonstrate how smart they are and not whether they are smart. They have ample learning opportunities to explore and demonstrate a wide range of disciplinary and interdisciplinary knowledge and skills that make them college and job ready. 

Dr. Mohammad Waqar Ashraf
Dean College of Sciences & Human Studies