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The Preparatory Program begins the transformation of students into members of an energetic, goal-oriented, intellectual community. This community is comprised of self-directed, analytical learners who use a variety of effective academic skills and strategies and are committed to the learning process. Although it carries no academic credit, this intensive program establishes a crucial academic foundation, especially in English - necessary for students to succeed in the intellectually rigorous degree programs at PMU. Essentially, this program lays the groundwork for students’ ultimate achievement of the six PMU core competencies in communication, technical competence, critical thinking and problem solving, professional competence, leadership, and teamwork. Classrooms are student-centered, highly interactive, and communicative. A well-trained, English-speaking faculty function as supportive organizers and facilitators as students learn EFL, mathematics, and study skills and learning strategies. All courses incorporate the use of technology; the study skills and learning strategies courses provide instruction in specific software programs and in technology skills that are important to learning.

The environment of the entire program is infused with the PMU's unique e-learning outcomes approach to education. This approach is manifested in non-traditional pedagogy, methodology, techniques, and classroom management style. The result is student-learners and teacher-facilitators who share a commitment to developing higher order intellectual abilities. These students will grow into university graduates who are life-long learners who are able to function and adapt in an ever-changing, technologically interconnected, global community.

During the intensive, highly structured Preparatory Program, students are required to attend daily classes and be actively involved in the DynEd online component which is the Computer Assisted Language Learning program. Each of these environments is an experience in new ways to learn. In the TOEFL and DynEd coursework, faculty and staff oversee sessions to ensure that students understand the content, employ appropriate learning skills and strategies, and complete all assignments. These experiences are vital to accomplishing the goals of the Preparatory Program.

The subject matter, methodology, and structure of PMU's unique Preparatory Program equip entering students with the academic and personal skills necessary to succeed in a university that sets high standards for all its graduates.

Gateway To College

From the Preparatory Program, students enter degree studies in one of the four colleges at PMU: Engineering, Information Technology, Business Administration or Arts and Science.