Senior Design Projects List
Project Title Project  Description            
Smart Glasses for Blind People These “Smart Glasses” are designed to help the blind people to read and translate the typed text which is written in the English language...Read More
I Fire Robot This project aims to build a rescue robot named ‘iFire’ focused on helping firefighters in different hazardous situations...Read More
Home Self Assistant Robot It’s a smart self and home assistant that take user commands using android phone. The project aims at designing an advanced home assistant...Read More
Fish Classification using ROV Fish classification has significant importance in the field of biodiversity and study of aquaculture. The aim of this project is...Read More
Facial Recognition Door This project emphasizes on the study on an automated face recognition system with the potential application for door access control...Read More
Agriculture Assistant Drone This project is mainly about a drone that detects the palm trees and count them with the help of camera...Read More
Android Game for Amblyopia Treatment This project provides a designing and development of an Android game, using Android Studio IDE. Relying on our previous...Read More
Automated Grading System of handwritten Answer Sheets The project proposed an automated system for grading handwritten answer sheets with the help of machine learning algorithm...Read More
Automated Football Match Automated Football Match is an entertainment projects initiated by a group of Computer Engineering students to fulfill the...Read More
Wireless Networks Using XBee Radios:Demonstrations and Applications The purpose of this project is to learn about the basics of the Zigbee standard and XBee radios ...Read More
Virtual Keyboard As technology is advancing, people are looking for easier and faster ...Read More
Final Exam Scheduling The problem of scheduling final exams is common in all of the...Read More
Line Following Robot The Line Follower Robot is a simple machine ...Read More
An Intelligent Traffic Signal Control System The project is designed to develop an intelligent traffic signal ...Read More
Smart Fire Alarm and Suppression System This project is a smart fire alarm and suppression system (FA&S) ...Read More
CCES E-Learning Library Nowadays, more importance is given to e-learning whether ...Read More
Hanoi Tower Simulation Tool This project consists of designing an application/Simulation tool ...Read More