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Policy Title :
Deceased Student Policy
Policy Number :
III. B - 3
Responsible Party :
Student Affairs
Effective Date :
Revised Date :


A.1 PMU continues to provide safe environment for all students.  When a tragedy occurs, it is incumbent upon the University to respond in a sensitive-to-the-circumstances manner honoring the life of PMU student.  The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines that supports an effective and orderly response in the event of a student death whilst endeavoring to minimize distress to student’s next of kin, fellow students, Faculty and staff members.

A.2 Policy applies to university’s administrative response to death of a currently registered student in any course or program offered by PMU. 


Statement :

B.1 The policy governs the University to refund and write off tuition and fee-related accounts in the event of death of a currently enrolled or former student. The University will arrange for any billing processes or correspondence to be stopped with the deceased student

B.2 A currently enrolled student who dies prior to completing the academic semester will be withdrawn from courses and all charges will be written off.  Any prior outstanding balances will also be written off.

B.3 Those responsible for implementation should be guided by essential communication needs required in student death, as well as support for next of kin and need to preserve important evidence.

The AVPSA or designee should notify appropriate university officials by email or otherwise ensure that the following offices have been notified of a student death once it has been confirmed by receipt of death certificate.

a.  President’s office

b.  Security, Safety and Health

c.  Housing (if student resides on-campus)

d.  Dean of College

e.  Admission, Registration, Financial Aid and Counselling

f.  Finance

g.  Media and Communications

h. additional departments necessary within an appropriate timeframe. 

B.4 Student death on-campus: 

a. if a student death occurs on-campus. The Security, Safety and Health will contact the appropriate emergency medical provider.  They will investigate death on campus in accordance with government rules.

b. if a student death occurs in a residence housing, the housing staff member immediately involved shall notify Security, Safety and Health department. 

B.5 Student death off campus:  Response to any death occurring off campus will be handled initially by local law enforcement agency, medical examiner and/or hospital institution involved.

B.6 Disclosure of Records / Release of Records:  Requests for information about a deceased student may be received by many offices.  When a university community member becomes aware of the death of a current student, they shall immediately notify the office of AVPSA.  All requests for information should be referred to Primary Contact designated by the student’s family.  Such requests shall be considered on an individual basis, in consultation with the Office of Legal Affairs.

B.7 When appropriate, PMU may support a memorial activity upon request from the student’s family or next-of-kin to honor the life of deceased student who passed away during the current academic year.

B.8. The university may choose to issue the student an Honorary (bachelors or Master’s Degree) depending on whether the student was undergraduate or graduate student. The university may choose to issue the official transcript only based on the family of the deceased request.