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Policy Title :
Circulation and Reserve Policy
Policy Number :
VII. A-3
Responsible Party :
Learning Resources Center
Effective Date :
Revised Date :


To describe policies for the circulation of library materials, patron’s types, holds fees, payment, refunds and the reserve policy.

Statement :

Circulating materials are available to Library users according to established policies and procedures to allow access to resources, while maintaining the control necessary to ensure that resources will be available to all users.

Circulation of Materials: All materials are brought to the Circulation/Reference desk or to the self-check stations for checkout (or renewal).  Materials circulate for a loan period corresponding to the user's status and check-out privileges.
Borrower Identification: Materials can only be checked out with a current PMU identification card.
Patron Types:                   The Library has established four Patron types.  Each patron has specific privileges defined below:
Patron Type  Loan Period Maximum Number of Items Renewals
Student One month 5 3
Graduate Student One month 7 3
Faculty Four months 7 0
Staff One month 5 3
Holds:   Users may ask a Librarian to place a HOLD on any items currently checked out.  Holds cannot be placed for items listed as RESERVE, Lost, Missing or On Order.  Users are notified when the material becomes available.  Items waiting for pickup will be held at the Circulation desk for two days. 
Fines: Library users are responsible for all materials checked out in his/her name.
Library users are asked to return borrowed materials at the end of the borrowing period.
Library borrowing privileges will be suspended for users with outstanding fees or who have not returned materials requested by other patrons when the borrowing period has expired.
Fines will be assessed as follows:
  1. The daily overdue fee is 1 SAR per item.
  2.  An item is considered lost 30 days after the due date.  
  3. The cost of the lost book will be determined by the library from the publisher’s catalog current price list. 
  4. Damaged, unreturned or lost materials will be charged a replacement cost (the cost of a new copy of the item) and a 100SR processing fee.
Payment: Fines will be paid at the Budget and Accounting Department’s Cashier Office.
Clearance: Faculty, staff and students' records must be cleared with the Library before final departure from the University.
Refunds: The Library does not issue refunds for overdue and lost materials.

Placing Materials on Reserve:

Placing items on Reserve allows the faculty member to limit the check-out length of selected materials in order to make them readily available to all students in a specific course. Materials will be placed on reserve for student use upon receiving a Reserve Request form from a member of the PMU faculty.  The Library will provide printed or electronic request forms to faculty. Faculty may obtain printed requests forms from the Library or from their respective Dean or Department Chair.  Electronic reserve requests will be provided on the Library’s web site.

Reserve Material: The following type of material can be placed on Reserve:
  • Reference books
  • Books in the circulating collection
  • A specified issue of a periodical title
  • A specified issue of a newspaper title
  • Photocopied periodical article(s) provided by the faculty member placing the Reserve request if within copy right Law
  • Materials owned by the faculty member

   Exclusions: The following type of material will not be placed on Reserve
  • Vertical file material
  • Repository material
  • Rare and/or brittle material owned by the Library
  • Personal materials owned by faculty that appear to be in violation of applicable copyright law

Removing Items: Items are removed from Reserve at the request of the Faculty member or at the end of a Semester.  At the end of the scheduled Reserve time, the Faculty member may pick up the materials at the Circulation desk. 

Check out Periods: Items may be placed on reserve for the following check out periods:
  • Book/Article-- 2 hours (In-House Library Use )
  • Reference Material-- 4 hours (In-House Library Use)
  • Faculty Owned Material – 2-4 hours (In-House Library Use)



The Library may place any work in the collection on Reserve without prior notice if there is a sustained period of high demand such that access is being denied to other users.
The Library will make every effort to provide secure, fair and equitable access to all materials placed on Reserve. However, the Library is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen material that is the personal property of a faculty member utilizing the Reserve service.