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Policy Title :
Request for a Duplicate Original Degree Award Policy
Policy Number :
Responsible Party :
Academic Affairs
Effective Date :
Revised Date :


This policy explains the procedure for retrieving an original duplicate degree certificate of Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University.

Statement :
  1. The certificate issued by the University as proof of conferment of an award is a unique and valuable document. It should be carefully preserved and kept safe.
  2. If an original degree certificate has been lost, damaged or destroyed, it is possible to request a new original duplicate of a degree certificate from the Office of the Registrar.
    • The applicant must provide a reason for requesting a duplicate degree replacement.
  3. The name that appears on the certificate cannot be changed from that at the time of graduation. Exceptional circumstances may be considered at the discretion of the University.
    • The duplicate degree certificate will have a new serial number.
Procedure :

To apply for a replacement certificate, the applicant must download, complete and return an online application form from the PMU website and include:

  • A valid scanned copy of the applicant’s passport
  • E-mail the application form to the registrar@pmu.edu.sa
  • Replacement degree certificates cost 500 SAR