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Policy & Procedure
Policy Title :
Policy Number :
III. B - 1
Responsible Party :
Student Affairs
Effective Date :
Revised Date :


In order to take full advantage of the educational opportunities offered at Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University, a student must maintain good health, and the University expects each student to assume responsibility for his or her health. The Health Care and Counseling Department shall strive to ensure the physical and mental wellness of students.

In an effort to promote wellness, assist students in maintaining good health and handle medical emergencies on campus, the university health care team offers basic health services as well as an array of health programs and campaigns and is committed to quality care. The following policies ensure that these services and health education programs meet standards and are offered in ways that are consistent fair, confidential and beneficial to PMU students.

Statement :

The Department of Health Care and Counseling is determined to provide:

  1. Selected health education programs and preventive mental health programs on such topics as smoking and drug abuse, stress reduction, eating disorder and other relevant health related topics.
  2. Clinical services with professional staff providing and promoting high quality comprehensive health and a quick response emergencies, referring cases requiring long term treatment and non manageable cases to hospital.
  3. Mental and physical health counseling in the form of short term therapy, crisis intervention, assessment and referral.
  4. Prompt and efficient response to all individual requiring medical attention in emergency situations and medical related illnesses within the campus.
Procedure :
  1. Population Served

    The University clinic offers free consultation, physical examination, emergency treatment and health education programs to the student body at large.

  2. Admissions

    The visit to the clinic constitute an expression of need made by the student  seeking medical advice and consultation:
    Step #1    Each patient has to proceed to reception desk for checking of medical record. The initial detailed health form may be required, or simple access to Banner Health history may help the clinic staff get a better picture of the student health status.
    Step #2     Verify patients and vital sign recording at the nurse’s station.
    Step #3     A temporary data entry is filed on Banner by the attending             nurse.
    Files must remain in secure areas and may not be taken outside the clinic as this represents a privacy violation.
    Step #4     Patient is advised to proceed to the examination room.
    Step #5     If needed, the Doctor is notified by the attending nurse.
    Step #6     The Doctor proceeds with the final assessment and evaluation.
    Step #7     Evaluation report is finalized and reassessed.
    Step #8     Patient is treated and receives recommended medicine.
    Step #9     For severe cases and complicated emergencies, first aid is applied                                          before referring to the nearest hospital.
    Step #10   Patient may be scheduled with health education and counseling                             programs when needed.
    Step #11   Patient discharged and advised for a follow up visit to the clinic                             according to the need.

  3. Access to Care

    Access to care is defined as:

    1. The student right to be treated with basic health care depending on his/her health condition.
    2. The student right to receive suitable arrangement if PMU clinical services cannot offer such care.
  4. Right to Privacy and Confidentiality

    Right to privacy and confidentiality is defined as:

    1. The right to have all written and verbal aspects of patient's care and treatment dealt with in confidentially.
    2. The right to have health history taken or physical examination performed in an environment that provides auditory and visual privacy.
  5. Right to Respect and Dignity

    Right to respect and dignity is defined as:

    1. To expect from infirmary staff a considerate respectful care that honors cultural values and beliefs.
  6. Patient Responsibilities

    The patient's responsibilities include but are not limited to:

    1. Compliance with instructions related to treatment.
    2. Abiding by recommendations of treatment plan made by PMU clinic.
    3. Taking prescribed medications in a timely manner as per the doctor's advice.
    4. Honoring appointments for follow-up.
    5. Rescheduling when unable to comply with the given appointment.
    6. Listening to nurse's and doctor's health counseling.
    7. Asking for clarification when instructions are not clear.
  7. Safety

    Safety comes always first. Students are encouraged to immediately ask assistance when not feeling well, and to inform faculty, staff, friends or security to contact to the clinic in such cases.

  8. Patients Health Education and Counseling

    1. Patients can avail health information materials such as leaflets and brochures found in the health desk.
    2. Seek close door health teaching conducted by the attending physician and nurse.
  9. Sick Leave Issuance

    1. This only applies to student suffering from  serious illness or injury or condition affecting the mental and/or physical health.
    2. Any cases of sick leave issued from hospitals or dispensaries must be validated by submitting an application form signed by the University Physician and Dean of Students or his designee.
  10. Excuse Letter Verification and Acceptance Policy

    1. Excuse letters must be submitted within a maximum of ten (10) days from the date of the absence. The Excuse letter form should be submitted along with a detailed explanation in the absence of which the Excuse Form will be considered invalid and consequently rejected.
    2. Appointments are always encouraged to be taken before or after classes with no effect on student attendance. Approval of any Appointments or Visit Notification if necessary will be based on the date and time of the scheduled appointment in the “Clinic, Dispensary Government or Private Hospitals”.
    3. For private clinics and dispensaries, only one (1) day sick leave may be accepted. However, in case of mid-terms and finals, no excuse from dispensaries or clinics will be accepted.
    4. Two (2) days or more absences, as well as absence during a mid-term or final will require medical report from any of the following: Government or Private Hospitals.
    5. Absences without medical report or sick leave report require a written letter or notice from the guardian along with a landline number for verification.   Assessment will be made on a case by case basis.
    6.  In all cases, dysmenorrhea does not constitute ground for absence of  female students and will not be given excuse.
    7. In all cases, dental appointments, if not emergencies, do not constitute ground for absence.
    8. Travel purposes do not constitute ground for absence. Travel arrangements are expected to strictly follow the academic calendar announced by the Office of the Registrar, except for newly admitted students who are able to prove that travel arrangements were made before the actual admission.
      1. Travel within the Kingdom: letter from guardian detailing the travel reason and circumstances, with a landline number for verification
      2. Travel outside the kingdom: letter from guardian detailing travel reason and circumstances with:
        1. Copy of airline ticket
        2. Copy of passport stamp/copy of exit-re-entry visa
        3. Any document that supports the reason for travel
        4. A landline number for verification
    9. In case of  Death/Loss of family member, a letter from guardian along with a death certificate and a landline for verification is required.
      1. For First Degree Family Member : Father, Mother, Sister, Brother, Son,     Daughter excused absence will be given for five (5) days.
      2. For Second Degree Family Member : Grandfather, Grandmother,  Cousin, Uncle, Aunt, excused absence will be give for two (2) days.
    10. Marriage and Engagement, honeymoon and childbirth do not constitute ground for approved absence, and students are expected to find with the faculty member an arrangement for the absence and the consequences on attendance     and performance records.
    11. Hajj Excuse will be given for up to three (3) days with Hajj Permit and travel ticket.
  11. Health Policy Upon Admission

    PMU requires students to provide a thorough health history and show proof of immunization and other health related conditions at the time of initial enrollment in accordance with governmental regulations concerning students in post-secondary institutions. This may include evidence of an individual health insurance policy. The Health Form is filled, signed and stamped by a physician working at a recognized health institution in KSA.
    The Clinic Staff verify new students health records to advise on possible problems affecting student admission or performance at PMU. A report with findings of the verification process is sent to the Admissions Office, and where situations may affect admission of students, the office advises the Dean of Students who will issue a final decision for individuals detected with serious health issue