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Policy Title :
Career Services Policies
Policy Number :
III. C - 1
Responsible Party :
Student Affairs
Effective Date :
Revised Date :


The department of Career Services assists PMU students in identifying and fulfilling their career goals. We serve as the bridge between their university experience and employment, and help them apply what they have learned.
By providing comprehensive resources, programs, and counseling on career development, internships, employment, we assist students to make career decisions, connect with employers, and attain their employment goals.
The Career Services policies have been developed to contribute to a positive and successful experience for students to eventually be employability – ready.

We do this by:

  • Developing relationships on campus with students, faculty, and staff, along with off campus relationships with employers, alumni, and community resources.
  • Conducting training courses, workshops, and lectures prepared by professional individuals in all related career fields.
  • Guiding and providing counseling to students on different career paths.
  • Preparing job fairs to expose the students to different employers.
  • Running an efficient Co-op training and internship programs.
  • Creating a system to monitor and follow up with job listings and job applications.
  • Surveying the satisfaction of alumni, employers, and community about PMU’s outcomes, and recommending improvements.
  • Offering on campus part time job for eligible students entitled to strengthen their employability skills.
Statement :
  1. On-Campus student employment ( Part-Time Job)

    1. The Dean of the student affairs sends application forms to the hiring departments at PMU.
    2. Heads of the departments fill the forms with number of job vacancies, and description of each vacancy. Then send the forms back to the division of student affairs.
    3. List of all job vacancies is formed, and send to the president office for approval.
    4. The department of career services announces the vacancies on the blackboard and university's website.
    5. Eligible student fills the job application form, attaching with it copy of her/his CV, transcript, and schedule. Then submit the form to the career services.
    6. To be eligible for a campus job opportunity, a PMU student should meet specific criteria:
      1. Job opportunities are opened for Saudis as well as non Saudis
      2. Student should be enrolled in an undergraduate degree
      3.  Student should maintain a minimum GPA of 2.7
      4. Student should not have less than 12 and more than 18 credit hours
      5. Student should not exceed 18 working hours per week
      6. Student should have specific job related skills
    7. A job interview is arranged by the department of career services; the student interviewed by a representative of the hiring department and a representative of the career services department. The interviewers fill the On-Campus interview form protocol.
    8.  If passed the interview, the student should sign a job contract with the department of career services.
    9. Student should register in PMU HR Department in order to avoid illegality issues with the Labor Office.
    10. Student will be compensated at an hourly rate of 15 S.R per hour.
    11. Student should register attendance through departmental attendance log.
    12. Student should submit timesheet by the end of each month. It is the responsibility of the hiring department and the student to fill and submit the monthly timesheet to the Career Services department at the end of each month. (Month is counted from the first day the student starts the Job).
    13. The department of career services sends the monthly timesheet to the budget and accounting department for payment.
    14. The hiring department will appoint a direct supervisor who will fill a performance assessment form at the term of the employment. The evaluation will be kept in the Student Career Portfolio.
    15. The division of student affairs issues an appreciation certificate for the student upon the completion of the job. The certificate will be kept in the student file.
    16. Student who wants to continue working for the following semester should apply again for that semester.
    17. To quit the job, the student needs to notify the Student Career Services Office in writing, one week prior the last day of work.
    18. If any student breaks any of the above rules, he/she will be dismissed and there are no obligations from the Career Services Department.
    19. The department of Career Services keeps all the documents archived, with a copy at the division of student affairs.
  2. Job Fairs, employers relations, marketing & job development

    1. Meeting with employers on/off campus to strengthen the relationships.
    2. Preparing large career days for all colleges, and mini job fairs for individual college/major.
    3. The policies of the job fairs and career days follow the general events organization policies of PMU.
    4. Conduct annual recognition ceremony for the representatives of the companies who cooperated with PMU in helping its students in job market in Part-time job, training and employing.  
  3. Career post studies counseling and advising

    1. Build a strong location with international education institution to help PMU students to submit and finalize their admission process.
    2. Group counseling through workshops, lectures, and focused groups.
    3. One-on-one counseling upon the request or referral from the faculty.
    4. Conduct assessment tools and mock interviews to build prepared students for the job market challenges.
  4. Internship and Co-Op training

    1. Internship is an obligatory for the college of business administration students. Student is eligible for internship when successfully completes 90 credit hours and above. And completes ASS I & II (for COB students only).
    2. Student of College of Business Administration or College of Computer Engineering and Sciences should complete 320 working hours during the internship. And student of College of Engineering should complete 240 working hours during the internship.
    3. The department of career services requests a list of all the eligible students from the registrar office at the beginning of each semester, and sends e-mails to the whole list announcing a deadline for the internship early registration.
    4. The student visits the career services to fill the internship application form and the company preferences form one semester ahead to the desired internship semester.
    5. The career services department secures verification and approvals needed from registrar office and student's college.
    6. Along with the verification process, the department of career services contacts the companies for student placement through e-mails and phone calls.
    7. When accepting the student, an official letter signed by the dean of student affairs will be sent to the company with request of training the student.
    8. The company sends an official acceptance to the department of career services.
    9. The career services department informs both the students and their colleges about the internship details two weeks prior to the end of the semester.
    10. The student then should officially registers for the internship course.
    11. The career services presents an orientation session about the internship rules, work ethics and professionalism to all officially registered students (one day session/ attendance is mandatory)
    12. The department of career services should create a database for all interns with information about their supervisors each semester.
    13. The career services department keeps in touch with the intern's supervisor, and sends a student evaluation form to the supervisor to follow up with the student performance.
  5. Alumni relations

    1. Student should fill a clearance form at the registrar office with an alumni sheet once he/she graduates.
    2. Student passes by the alumni office to submit his/her full personal contact information. He/she will be added to the alumni database.
    3. Alumni office keeps updating alumni information 3 times per year by contacting and follows up with the alumni. Communications take place through different channels (i.e. social networks like Facebook and Twitter, e-mails, and personal phone calls).
    4. Alumni office keeps records of all alumni achievements in the community and publishes alumni news at PMU’s newsletter.
    5. Alumni office sends university’s updates and newsletter to all alumni.
    6. A yearly alumni gathering event is arranged by alumni office to bring back alumni to PMU’s environment for reciprocal purposes.
    7. Alumni office facilitates support of alumni to current students through inviting alumni to events on campus; let them participate in open discussions with current students, and keeping strong relationships with alumni. Alumni support can be in the form of advising current students, help in training and hiring them if possible.
  6. Placement and job search assistance

    1. Career services department will work within possibilities to help graduates in their search for jobs.
    2. This can be accomplished by; strengthen the relationship with employers, networking with alumni and socially well-known people, follow up with employers satisfaction, and organizing job fairs, setting up a career library or resource room (videos, tapes, on-line resources), setting up virtual e-career library resources that encompass the following:
      1. periodic magazine
      2. newsletter
      3. known career site
      4. Link to local Human Resources HR Department.