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Policy Title :
Admission of New Students Policy
Policy Number :
Responsible Party :
Academic Affairs
Effective Date :
Revised Date :


To describe the procedures and declare the regulations to be followed for selections and admission of new students to PMU.

Statement :

New Students will be admitted to PMU as per the following dates, procedures and regulations:

(1) Admission Dates:

  • The admission period starts one month before the final examinations of each semester (Fall and Spring Semesters) and ends two weeks before the start of the next semester.

(2) Number of Students to be Admitted:

  • The number of students (Male & Female) to be admitted is to be decided by the University Council based on recommendations from the Colleges and Enrollment and Registration Department and then approved by the President.

(3) Admission Procedures:

  • The Dean of Student Affairs will prepare a calendar for the admission process early before the admission process starts and submit it to PMU Management for approval.
  • Dates of Application for admission must be advertised on PMU Website.
  • Students apply for admission through PMU Website.
  • The Admission office announces at the end of each week the names of applicants nominated to sit for the placement tests.
  • After the results of placement tests are known a list of successful students nominated for final admission is to be announced, after the President’s approval.
  • Applicants will receive the decision about their admission through Banner
  • Together with the list of successful students nominated for final admission, a document explaining all requirements that need to be satisfied by applicants to secure admission must be announced.
  • A list of students finally accepted is to be announced through Banner.

(4) General Regulations:

A)   Information that applicants whether newly applying for admission or nominated for final admission must know and follow is to be available on BANNER.

1.   The Admission and Registration Department is to appoint an employee who will be available all the time to answer calls from applicants. His telephone number must be announced for all applicants so as to be known by them.

2.   Admission is to be open and available and is to be stopped only upon instructions from PMU Management.

3.   For Direct Entry, applicants must obtain the required level on standardized IELTS or TOEFL formal tests.

4.   PMU Placement tests will only place students in the Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced levels of the Preparation Program. APTIS test is to be used as PMU Placement Test.

5.   The Pre-beginner level is to be considered as a level in the Preparation Program.   

6.   No final approval of Admission will be announced unless the approval of the President is obtained.

Procedure :

Admission Process Action Steps:

Academic Year     :

Semester              :

Step (1):      Determine the number of students to be admitted:

                   Direct Entry:       Male           Prep Program           Male

                                                 Female                                        Female


Step (2):      Determine the dates of the admission period:

                  From:                             To     To:

Step (3):      Announce the dates of the admission period on media:

                   Done                              Not Yet

Step (4):      Applicants apply through the PMU website and fill in the application form.

                   On the same application form, a note is to be added         informing applicants that they can follow up their admission status through the PMU website.

                   Application form ready on website:

                   Yes                                 No

Step (5):      The admission officer announces the names of applicants who are nominated for admission and call them to sit for the placement test and the interviews.



                   The placement test and the interviews are to be conducted on a daily basis for:

                   Male Applicants:                     Female Applicants:

Step (6):      The Dean of Student Affairs submits the names of applicants nominated for final admission to the President for his approval.

                   The names are to be submitted on the special forms containing all required information about the applicants.

Step (7):      The Admission Office announces the names of the students accepted for admission and upload their information on the website and also inform them of the necessary steps to be taken to complete their admission process.

                   Done                              Not Yet

Step (8):      The admission office shall call:

                             50     successful Male Applicants             

50     successful Female Applicants

On a daily basis to finalize their admission process.

Step (9):      Based on the approvals of the President, a final list of all admitted applicants shall be prepared and signed by the President.

                   Prepared & Signed                           Not Yet


Admission Regulations:

  1. PMU Placement Tests are to be used to place the new students in the Preparation Program Levels only (Pre-Beginner, Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced).
  1.  For direct entry only Standardized Tests (IELTS, TOEFL) are to be used.