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Policy Title :
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III. D - 1
Responsible Party :
Student Affairs
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Financial Aid serves as a means to achieve the educational mission at the university. It aims at providing equal opportunities to all qualified students within constraints regardless of nationality and gender based on a combined assessment of financial need and merit or academic performance.

Structured policies define the conditions of available grants and scholarships programs at PMU.

Statement :

1.       Merit Based Scholarship (Excellence in Academic Performance):

1.1     The applicant must hold a High-School degree with a GPA at general high school of 95% or higher for Saudis and 98% for non-Saudis;

1.2     Enrolled students cumulative GPA should be 3.5 out of 4.0, or above

1.3      Good command in English; (Minimum score of 5.5 out of 9 in IELTS with minimum score of 5.0 in the writing section and/or minimum score of 500 in the written TOEFL exam or equivalent according to other international standards)

1.4       Enrolled students shall not have received a Denial Notice (DN) in any preparatory program subject or subject of specialization;

1.5       New students must be able to meet all admission requirements.

1.6       All applicants must have a record of good conduct.

1.7       All applicants must show high performance on a personal interview.


* Refer to Financial Aid Process

   Page 6-11


2.       Need Based Scholarship:

2.1         The applicant must hold a recent High-School degree with a GPA at general high school of 80% or higher;

2.2         Enrolled students cumulative GPA shall be 2.0 out of 4.0, or above;

2.3         Enrolled students shall not have received a denial notice (DN) in any preparatory program subject or subject of specialization;

2.4         New students must be able to meet all admission requirements;

2.5         All applicants must have a record of good conduct;

2.6         All applicants must show a high performance on a personal interview;

2.7         Present proof of a financial need that would make PMU otherwise unaffordable.



* Refer to Financial Aid Process

   Page 6-11

3.    Sponsored Scholarship Programs:

3.1     Sponsored Scholarships are provided through partnerships with the surrounding community, usually the business sector. Since the university will provide programs that are relevant to the needs of the business community, such a sponsored scholars program will connect the private sector with talented students who may later become excellent employees. Additionally, a sponsored scholars program is a tangible and meaningful way for successful people to give back to the community;

3.2     Moreover, a sponsored program will also help PMU build a broad-based community support system. The Founding Committee can take the lead in initiating the program, but a staff person must coordinate the day-to-day tasks associated with this type of program. A program of this magnitude will require a significant amount of planning and oversight;

3.3      Two key components of this type of program include letters of appreciation from the students to the sponsors and a significant annual recognition function for the sponsors:

3.3.1       Sponsored students are expected to write personal letters to the sponsors at the beginning of the academic year. A staff person in the Financial Aid Office usually oversees this task;

3.3.2        The annual recognition function is usually an annual appreciation banquet that includes a keynote speaker, a short address by a sponsored student who is articulate and is willing to represent the other sponsored students, and a short address by the President or the Chair of the Founding Committee. Students usually sit with their sponsors to make sure the sponsors meet the students that they are sponsoring. This is a very successful program once it is implemented;

3.3.3        The selection criteria for this program will be determined by the program’s requirements and any specific restrictions the sponsors may require for their sponsored students. Some sponsors may, for example, be willing to sponsor students who are seeking a major in a specific area, who are from a particular community, or who meet other criteria;

3.3.4        The recommended eligibility criteria for recipients of sponsored scholarships are:        High School Certificate with an average of 90% or above;        Financial need that would make the PMU otherwise unaffordable;        Ability to meet all admissions requirements;        Distinguished intellectual and academic performance;        A record of good conduct;        High performance on a personal essay;        Recent graduate of high school (within 3 years);        Ability to meet the sponsor’s designated criteria;         Present proof of a financial need that would make PMU otherwise unaffordable

3.3.5         The Scholarship Committee will evaluate the applicants and make recommendations to sponsors, who will make the final decision;

3.3.6         Students will be eligible for the sponsored scholarship as long as they remain enrolled at PMU, maintain a required GPA, and are not guilty of misconduct. Students who falsify their application will be disqualified immediately.


* Refer to Financial Aid Process

   Page 6-11


4.       Ministry of Higher Education Scholarships Program for Private Universities

4.1      This program represents the governmental support to Saudi students completing their higher education in the private Saudi universities. It aims to prepare and qualify Saudi human resources in an effective manner so that they will be able to compete on an international level in the labor market, and thereby become an important source of supply of highly qualified individuals for Saudi universities as well as the government and private sectors;

4.2      This program is conducted by a thorough management process starting from the online application to the university nomination then application verification to result announcing;

4.3       Applicants are eligible for MOHE Scholarships as long as they have a required high school GPA and Quodorat/Aptitude Exam score as well as being fresh high school graduates for not longer than two academic years;

4.4       MOHE scholarships are renewed on a yearly basis;

4.5       In order to maintain their scholarships, scholars have to demonstrate a good academic standing with full attendance at their respective universities.