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Policy Title :
Mixed Gender Meetings Policy
Policy Number :
III. A-11
Responsible Party :
Student Affairs
Effective Date :
Revised Date :


This policy sets down clear guidelines and specifies procedures to ensure events and activities organized between male and female students are in accordance with appropriate cultural norms and precepts.

Further, the policy provides a framework for mixed meetings/ trips/ excursions between male and female students to discuss, broaden, and share their ideas, knowledge, goals, hopes and aspirations in an atmosphere of mutual respect and professional collegiality.

Statement :

Faculty can plan, organize and moderate events and activities between male and female students that are culturally acceptable and in accordance with the core mission and values of the university. Faculty must adhere to the following steps.

Procedure :

 I.            Procedures

a.      A request must be sent in the first instance to Campus Life at least 3 days in advance and copied to the Chair, Department Head and the Dean of Student Affairs.

The request should include:

1.           Name and contact details of the coordinator/ faculty

2.            Name, date, and time of event

3.            Names and PMU I.D of participating students

4.            Name of activity e.g. club or class meeting, academic discussion/debate, competition (local and international) etc.

b.     Concerned parties need to be notified: male and female security, bookings for room, lecture halls, sport venues etc.

c.      Students and supervisors must be suitably dressed.


II.            Relevance and Objectives

a.      A request for a joint meeting of male and female students must be accompanied by a clear agenda including at least some, if not all, of the following objectives i) the  purpose of the meeting ii) the academic objectives iii) the intended outcomes

b.     Minutes of the meeting should be prepared by the participants no later than 3 days after the meeting and sent to Campus Life staff who supervised the meeting and copied to the Chair and Department Head and the Dean of Student Affairs. Campus Life staff will verify the authenticity of the report and updates it if needed.


III.            Supervision

a.      Student numbers must not exceed 10 students in total. Larger groups permitted only by prior arrangement with Campus Life Staff and Dean of Student Affairs

b.     All participating Females students will provide a completed form of parental consent which must be signed and returned to the moderator prior to any mixed meeting.

c.      Students and moderators must be briefed and understand acceptable standards and non-acceptable behavior prior to any mixed meeting.

d.     A mixed meeting must be monitored at all times. The faculty or head of unit must be present.

e.      Campus Life staff or the Dean of Student Affairs reserve the right to reject a request to stage a meeting, trip, or event when it is deemed to be unnecessary, unimportant or lacking relevance.


IV.            Unacceptable Behavior/Reporting Violations

a.      Cultural sensitivity concerning inappropriate visuals and language must be censored during any meetings, presentations or trips.

b.     Any student identified to have acted or behaved unacceptably during the meeting and this includes unacceptable behavior i.e. misuse of technology or other PMU equipment or property. Other unacceptable habits or behavior that will not be tolerated including, but are not limited to the following: plagiarism, chewing gum, wearing sunglasses, smoking, bad language, shouting, excessive laughter etc.

c.      Any student reported for abusive behavior or misconduct will be sanctioned and banned from future meetings.

d.     A report must be lodged for any violation or infraction of the above or related incidents and filed for future reference by the Campus Life staff and inform the Dean of Student Affairs.

e.      A blanket ban on photography in mixed meetings to protect all parties from the involuntary exposure of photos appearing on social media. The collection of, or at least the mandatory turning off mobiles is imperative in such meetings.

f.       Male and female students must not be left alone at any time during the meeting or event.