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Policy Title :
Sibling Enrollment Discount Policy
Policy Number :
III. D - 3
Responsible Party :
Student Affairs
Effective Date :
Revised Date :


To regulate sibling enrollment discount at PMU.

Statement :

In deciding Sibling Enrollment discount the following shall apply:

  1. All siblings must be enrolled in full-time undergraduate degree in PMU. The sibling must also be enrolled full-time in the semester the discount is requested.
  2. None of the siblings should be under any scholarship.
  3. The sibling discount is applicable to tuition fees only (summer semester tuition fee are excluded).
  4. The sibling discount will not be applied if there is an outstanding balance.
  5. The sibling must provide evidence of relationship.
  6. Sibling discount form should be filled by the student each semester and submitted to the Financial Aid Office.
  7. 10% discount will be granted only to the second sibling and 15% to each successive sibling.
  8. The university retains the right to cancel Sibling Discounts without any prior notice and without any liability.


Procedure :

The attached Sibling Discount Form is to be used in requesting and approving sibling enrollment discounts. The following are steps to be followed:

  1. The student submits the completed sibling discount form to the Financial Aid Office.
  2. The Financial Aid Office verifies the request and submits it to the Sibling Discount Review Committee.
  3. The Committee takes the decision regarding approval/disapproval of the Sibling Discount request.

Please Download the PDF File of Sibling Enrollment Discount Form