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Policy Title :
PMU Scholarships Policy
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Responsible Party :
Academic Affairs
Effective Date :
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To clarify the general guidelines that apply to PMU scholarships.

Statement :

The following are general guidelines that apply to all PMU scholarships.

1.      The decision about the scholarship offered must have a detailed description of the type of the scholarship. This includes:

a.       The percentage of tuition fees including tax, (partial or full scholarship).

b.      The duration of the scholarship, (maximum is 5 academic years).

c.       Services offered, this includes:

                      i.      Accommodation

                      ii.      Transportation

                      iii.      Medical Insurance

                      iv.      Lockers

                      v.      Copy Center Services

d.       Stipend (decide the amount to be paid).

Procedure :

A table is to be filled out for each granted scholarship.