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Meeting Degree Requirements: Academic Performance and Standing Policy
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Academic Affairs
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This policy ensures the integrity and consistency of all academic courses definitions, attributions, values and description, and ensures any and all changes are implemented according to an academically sound process.

Statement :
  1. Performance Expectations

    Each college within the university requires minimum standards of academic performance from its students. Typically, these requirements include maintaining minimum grade point averages (GPA) for various categories of courses, including:
    1. The PMU Core Curriculum
    2. Courses from the Core Curriculum that specific majors require beyond the minimum
    3. Courses from the college that are common to all majors within the college
    4. Courses within the major academic discipline

    The required GPA for each category is established by the individual college.
    In order to graduate, all students at PMU are required to maintain an overall GPA of 2.0.
    Individual colleges within the university may also require national or international standardized tests for graduation. Students should inquire of the dean’s office regarding such requirements.

  2. Repeating Courses

    A student who receives an F (0.0) in any course is required to repeat the course and to achieve the required grade point average for that category of course. In the case of an elective, the major department may allow the student to select another elective.
    Students may repeat a course one time, with additional repeats allowed at the discretion of the faculty. However, no more than 10 repeated courses are allowed over the student’s career at PMU. Prep courses repeats will be limited to 6 with a maximum duration of study of 5 semesters in the Prep after which the student is automatically dismissed. Prep dismissed students will be allowed to re-apply again after one regular semester. Readmission is subject to a proof of external English proficiency course or exam.
    After the first repeat, prior grades count toward the student’s GPA. For example: A student who receives a D followed by an A will have the D erased and replaced with the A on the transcript. A student who receives an F followed by a D followed by an A will have the F erased, and both the D and the A will be averaged into the GPA. A withdrawal, whether WP or WF, is considered an attempt to take the course and will considered accordingly: WF will count towards the GPA as well as a repeat, whereas W and WP will be considered as withdrawals only (not repeats), however, no more than 10 withdrawals are allowed over the student’s career at PMU.
    Students repeating courses are required to participate in tutoring and remediation programs offered by the college faculty through the Student Academic Support Centers and the PMU Learning Resources Center.
  3. Incomplete Grades and Make-Up Examinations

    The work for a course must be complete on the day the semester ends. No incomplete grade (I) is given as a final grade in any course unless there is a compelling medical or other such emergency certified in writing by a medical or other professional. In the case of unexcused incomplete work, a grade of F is given for any missing work (such as papers or quizzes), and the total course grade is computed accordingly.
    A student will be allowed to make up incomplete work only in exceptional cases and emergencies (as noted above). The incomplete work must be made up before the end of the next semester. Beyond this period, a grade of I granted to the student reverts into a grade of F.
    It is the responsibility of the student to find out from his or her professor the specific dates by which requirements must be fulfilled. Make-up examinations will only be allowed with an official Make-up Examination Form which will be approved by the instructor, chair and dean of the college that offers the course. The excuses and documentation is verified by the Registrar for final approval, after which a make-up examination date is set with the college. The make-up exam version will be specially prepared for the approved case and will run in regular final exam conditions and will strictly follow the relevant policies and regulations. The instructor’s deadline for submitting incomplete grades to the Registrar is 72 hours after the date of any make-up examination.
  4. Academic Probation

    1. Placement on Probation:

      Students will be placed on academic probation at the end of any semester in which their grade point average (GPA) is below 2.0. Students on probation have one semester in which to achieve a non-cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher. (Non-cumulative GPA is defined as a single-semester GPA.) If they do so in their subsequent semester, they are removed from academic probation. Failure to do so results in dismissal from the university.
    2. Removal of Probation and Dismissal:

      Probation will be removed at the end of any semester in which the student attains a cumulative GPA of 2.0. (Cumulative GPA is defined as the total grade point average for all semesters since entering the university.) A student will be dismissed if he or she fails to remove his/her probation by the end of the third semester on probation. Actions involving academic probation and dismissal are entered on the student’s permanent record.
    3. Reinstatement:

      Students who left PMU not in good standing and have been out of the university for no more than two semesters may submit a written request for reinstatement to the Office of the Registrar. The request should outline activities since leaving PMU that contribute to the student’s academic development. Courses taken at another institution during this interim period are not transferable.
      Students who have been out of the university for more than two semesters must submit a new application for admission to the Office of Admissions. Dismissed students may also be considered for reinstatement. If the request for reinstatement is approved as described in the Reinstatement Form, the student will be placed on probation (P2) and is considered at his/her last chance to improve the academic performance. this can be done through the repeat of failed courses carefully selected with the advisor to ensure a good semester GPA and a removal from probation. Any second dismissal shall result in expulsion from the university.
      The Diagram below describes probation, dismissal and expulsion stages at PMU. It is recommended that students at risk are reminded of this policy by their respective advisor and the Registrar’s Office.

Reviewed Academic Standing Process

Reviewed Academic Standing Process

Study at another Institution

An enrolled student who wishes to take courses at another university for transfer credit to PMU must receive approval from his or her dean through a Request to Study at Another Institution Form. The decision to credit the course taken by the student in another institution will be based on the careful analysis of the course content and the student’s performance in the course.
It is recommended that students receive approval before taking a course. In unusual circumstances, however, students will be allowed to petition for credit after they have taken a course at another institution. The host institution must be recognized by the Ministry of Education of its country and must be accredited. It must provide learning experiences similar to those offered by PMU.