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Policy Title :
Final and Common Examinations Policy
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Responsible Party :
Academic Affairs
Effective Date :
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This policy ensures the authenticity of all final and common examinations administered at PMU. It also clarifies the duties and responsibilities of students during the examination period.

Statement :
  1. Schedule of Final and Common Examination

    Final and common examination schedules are published by the Office of the Registrar in advance of examination week. If a student is scheduled for more than two examinations in one day or has a time conflict with common examinations, then the student must report to the Office of the Registrar by an announced deadline to make the necessary adjustments.
    All students are expected to be available during the examination period as per the dates announced in the Academic Calendar.
  2. Final and Common Examination Proctoring Guidelines

    1. No student will be admitted to any exam without the PMU ID card. Students who lost or forgot their IDs will have to proceed to the ID office for a one-day permit or a substitute ID to enter the exam. It is the responsibility of the proctor to verify all IDs of students in the examination room and report any irregularities to the Registrar’s Office.
    2. No Cell Phones, handbags or other type of bags permitted beside students in the exam room. Handbags, backpacks, computer bags and cell phones will all be placed in an area inside the room designated by the exam invigilator.
    3. Female students are requested to abide by the green zone dress code when an exam takes place in that area. However, on the female campus, hair cover will not be allowed during an exam.
    4. Sunglasses are prohibited at anytime inside the exam rooms.
    5. Speaking, commenting, or any sort of direct or indirect communication between students is strictly prohibited during exams.
    6. Students are expected to strictly comply to proctor’s instructions at ALL times, with no discussion, comments or any sort of disruption to others.
    7. University officials may be randomly checking students IDs throughout the examination period.
    8. Students are not allowed to leave the exam room before half the exam time has elapsed (e.g. if the exam time is 2 hours, the proctor will not allow the student to leave before 1 hour has passed).
    9. Students coming in late will not be allowed in after the first student has left (e.g. after half the exam time), NO EXTRA TIME will be given to any late comers.
    10. Students are required to minimize disruption to the instructor and other students, and are only allowed to raise their hand when they have a question, NOT CALL the instructor, NOR speak, NOR ask another student.
    11. Students not abiding by the above rules will receive a written note from the invigilator on their papers, and further measures may be taken after the exam possibly affecting the student grade in case of proven offense.
    12. Serious and flagrant disruption of an exam including but not limited to loud talking, refusal to comply with the proctor’s instructions and resistance to identify oneself will result in the expulsion of the student from the examination room.
  3. Make-up Examinations

    1. The work for a course including mid-terms and finals must be complete on the day the semester ends. No incomplete grade (I) is given as a final grade in any course unless there is a compelling medical or other such emergency certified in writing by a medical or other professional. In the case of unexcused incomplete work, a grade of F is given for any missing work (such as papers or quizzes), and the total course grade is computed accordingly.
    2. A student will be allowed to make up incomplete work, including mid-terms and or finals, only in exceptional cases and emergencies (as noted above). The incomplete work must be made up before the end of the next semester. Beyond this period, a grade of I granted to the student reverts into a grade of F.
      Make-up exams are requested through the official Make-up Exam Request Form with the provision of all the supporting excuses and documents describing the emergency and the exceptional case. Failure to request make-up exams officially may result in a grade of F on the exam in question.
    3. It is the responsibility of the student to find out from his or her professor the specific dates by which requirements must be fulfilled. The instructor’s deadline for submitting incomplete grades to the Registrar is 72 hours after the date of any make-up examination.