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While other economies are stagnating, Saudi Arabia’s economy is growing at a fast rate. The Kingdom is considered the largest producer and exporter of petroleum and has the largest proven oil reserves of any other nation; however, the majority of Saudi Arabia’s export revenue derives from oil which is a limited. Therefore, developing sustainable strategies to diversify Saudi’s economic resources is crucial. As such, the government has initiated a long term diversification strategy to promote the economy labeled the “Saudi 9th Development Plan. In its 2nd edition, the 9th Development Plan, a five-year program of economic targets for 2010 – 2014, the government has set an ambitious target of GDP growth for the next 3 decades. The primary contributor to Saudi’s future growth will be the “nonoil private sector”. Plan spending projections are estimated to be close to SR1.44 trillion and just over half of this allocation will go toward developing human resources, which includes all levels of education and training. Other sectors include; Social & Health, Economic Resources, Transportation and Communication, and Municipal and Housing Services. As a result of this ambitious diversification plan new business opportunity is now abundant in the Kingdom.

Our Mission

PMU’s Entrepreneurship Center prepares the next generation of Saudi business leaders through education, training and ongoing support. We nurture the creative thinker and set the foundation for learning in the truest sense of entrepreneurship.

Our Vision

PMU’s Entrepreneurship Center will develop the next generation of entrepreneurs in the Middle East fully capable of competing in the worldwide market place.

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