What we do

Key Responsibilities:

Strategy and Development

  • Contribute to the creation and implementation of best practice maintenance vision, strategy, policies, processes and procedures to aid and improve operational performance
  • Contribute to new business initiatives and projects and review and communicate the impact on Maintenance activities

(Brief Description) of Key Accountability Campus Building Operation and Maintenance

Operation and Maintenance department is responsible for maintaining, inspecting and repairing campus buildings and building systems, these systems includes HVAC systems; hot water boilers and heaters; refrigerant systems; building water lines, plumbing, and city water lines; electrical systems and utility lines entering campus; internal and external gas lines; masonry, carpentry, concrete, boilers, outdoor lighting, interior and exterior building structures such as walls, floors, and roofs; and fire notification and suppression systems.

Operation and Maintenance Worker Responsibilities:

  • Conducting routine inspections of premises and equipment’s.
  • Performing preventive and corrective maintenance.
  • Handling basic repairs and maintenance.
  • Over seeing contractors when professional repairs are necessary.
  • Diagnosing mechanical issues and correcting them.
  • Repairing machines, equipment, or structures as necessary.

Job Duties

Perform assigned work according to standard procedure, using general working knowledge of plumbing, electrical, HVAC, refrigeration, and carpentry to build, repair or maintain campus buildings. Building maintenance may also include basic cleaning, painting and repair work. Other duties as assigned